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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Cindy Sheehan for the Rest of Us

S0rry I haven't been posting lately, but again I've had a busy couple of weeks at work. Hopefully, I'll start up again soon. Until then, here's something to read.

One poor woman has lost her son and found herself in a most unfortunate circumstance. Cindy Sheehan has been made into an idol by the left, and an effigy by the right. She has refused to drink the Kool-Aid good military mothers are supposed to drink, and at the same time has been readily been seduced by the Left Side of the Force. (In my world, both the far left and right are the Dark Sides; it is only the middle where you will learn control. The left and right contain too much anger, fear, aggression... consume you they will!)

I don't know if the leftist mumbo-jumbo of bashing Israel and the Afghanistan War in addition to Iraq was brewing in her before she pitched her first tent on that Crawford road. Before she came to Texas, I don't know if she hated the President, or if she was just angry and wanted answers. Whatever the case, what has been done to this woman is not fair. She lost her Son, and she deserves our utmost respect and humility. Cowards like G. Gordon Liddy and Ann Coulter should be ashamed to smear this poor woman who sacrificed the child she bore, but so should those rallying around her that exploit her pain. And for what? Because she refused to be that accepting and humble mother of a fallen soldier who sat in the background and lent conscripted support with her voice while her soul crumbled in secret? Because one of the people who actually sacrificed for this cause dared speak up and demanded that she too had a right to have some voice, no matter how small, in this fight against Terror? I don't care how far out in left field she is when she speaks, Cindy Sheehan deserves to be heard. She has earned the right to be heard not as the straw-man the political machines of the far left and right need her to be, but as the grieving mother that she is. The fact that I myself have entertained thoughts of judgment against her shames me.

When she speaks, I cannot agree. When she stands up as a proud citizen, demanding some semblance of thanks from a grateful nation, I stand with her.


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