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Monday, May 09, 2005

Things Just Keep Getting Better for Bolton....

As if John Bolton didn't have enough troubles with his UN nomination, new reports have surfaced that Bolton may have botched negotiations concerning Chairman Luger's pet issue: nuclear non-proliferation.

"In June 2004, Lugar endorsed a public attack on Bolton by his fellow Republican, Sen. Pete Domenici, who said Bolton bore "a very heavy responsibility" for the festering plutonium issue."


As I've stated earlier (here and here), Bolton is clearly (to put it in the most diplomatic way possible) a poor choice for this post. Unfortunately for the the rest of his second term, the President has prematurely put his reputation - as well as most of his remaining political capitol - on the line for this nominee. With a vote coming this week, Senator Luger is saying that Bolton will most likely make it out of committee alive, but limping, on a party line vote.

If Bolton does make it out of committee, a bitter struggle is sure to follow on the floor of the full Senate. It's all but assured that each of the Senate's 45 Democrats will vote against confirming Bolton, and the question will be whether or not they can coax 6 Republicans away to their camp. (I keep getting an image of Joe Lieberman in handcuffs pleading with Olympia Snow in a Darth Vader mask...)

Which Republicans, if any, will cross the line against this Presidential must-have? What will the consequences for these Senators be if the nominee fails on the floor? Whatever happens, this is definitely going to be a debate to follow.


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