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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Lyndie England's Saga Continues

Usually when a prisoner pleads guilty, the case is pretty much over. Not so for Pfc. Lynndie England - the woman accused of prisoner abuse in Iraq. The judge has rejected her plea because he doesn't believe that England thought she was doing anything wrong at the time she was posing for her photo-shoot.

Personally, I agree with the Judge on this one. I feel Pfc. England has been terribly misaligned. In fact, had she not been the prominent American soldier in the now notorious photos, I believe her punishment would have ranged from absolutely nothing, to a dishonorable discharge at the worst. She had no prior experience as an MP, and her boyfriend / mentor assured her that this type of behavior was SOP. How on earth was she supposed to know it wasn't? Are we now expecting every private in our military to have the Geneva Convention memorized, and use it to rebut their superiors? I don't think so.

What Pfc. England did was reprehensible, to be sure, but she is not the one responsible for the atrocities at Abu Ghraib.

Best quote in the article, authored by the incredibly succinct Captain Cullen:

"If the judge doesn't believe she believes she's guilty, he's obligated to enter not guilty on her behalf."