Thoughts of an American Centrist

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A New Blog

There is one more political blog in the US Horizon. I can understand your lack of enthusiasm, after all, aren't there more than enough left/right/center political blogs to make the most experienced drill sergeant's head swim? Perhaps, but the beauty of the American Landscape is that there are as many diverse and varied political opinions as there are men and women who take seriously their civic duty to vote.

I'm one of those citizens. I'm not a journalist, or a political science major, or a professional pundit. I'm a 26 year old Software Developer from Connecticut with a wife, a child, a dog, and a mortgage. I am Middle America, and I feel strongly about the issues.

I don't take sides based on party, I don't take sides based on church, I don't take sides based on my social circle. I call it like I see it, just like all of you. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and I hope you yell at me when we disagree. After all, this is America.