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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

How on earth did this guy get Nominated?

So what's the deal? We have a guy who likes to hide information from his superiors, berate and threaten his direct reports, and feels that the position he has been nominated for is irrelevant. This brings to my mind two questions:

  1. How on earth was John Bolton picked for such an important job?
  2. Why does he want the job in the first place?
I'm not trying to be coy about this, I'm really very perplexed. One can make the case that, until this hearing, it was not known that this man was such a complete and total jerk, and is now only supporting to keep from losing face. However, it was and is a well-known fact that Bolton hates the U.N, and blames it for various foreign policy failures spanning the past several decades.

Is this really the best person we should send into the U.N. as our representative? Isn't this kind of like sending Michael Moore to be ambassador to Saudi Arabia?

Why would the man even want the job? If he feels that the UN's legitimacy is derived solely from the pseudo-support given it by the United States, shouldn't he see this job more as a demotion to obscurity than the promotion that it actually is? Perhaps he knows it will increase his public profile and stature, perhaps he feels that he can be the force that finally gets those pesky "Old World" European nations to behave. Perhaps he's been sent in as a spoiler, whose primary purpose is to disrupt all UN proceedings, thereby casting doubt on the organization's credibility as a whole. Whatever the reason, he's not the right man for the job.


  • That Bolton was nominated for this "irrelevant" position speaks volumes for the Bushies who nominated him. Bolton was nominated precisely to send the message that the U.N. is irrelevant. The only possible reason he could even want this job is to cast illigitimacy on the U.N.

    By Blogger lefty_grrrl, at 1:41 PM  

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