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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Another critic comes out of the woodwork to blast Bolton

Granted, the former Ambassador to Moroco doesn't pack as much of a political punch as, say, Colin Powell, but it's one more voice adding to the chorus calling for the withdrawl of John Bolton's nomination. Not to mention this new voice, Frederick Vreeland, is probably the most blunt of the official anti-Bolton Delegation.

Let's look at some quotes:

“[Bolton] has none of the qualities needed for that job... [He] has all the qualities needed to harm the image and objectives in the U.N. and its affiliated international organizations. If it is now U.S. policy not to reform the U.N but to destroy it, Bolton is our man,”

“dealt with visitors to his office as if they were servants with whom he could be dismissive, curt and negative.”

“He spoke of the U.N. as being the enemy,”

“It is totally erroneous to speak of Bolton as a diplomat.”

Wow, that's pretty damning testimony. To be fair, the administration did bring up a good point when it's spokesman said:

“They know him a bit better than a retired ambassador who worked with him 15 years ago.”

Of course, the White House is just relying on one of the oldest political techniques in the book: Slander and discount thine enemy, so I'm not taking their objections too seriously at this point.


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